InspectMyRide Partners With Experian

In May this year, Autoconverse reported that eBay Motors has teamed up with the upstart to provide third-party vehicle inspections.

Now, the company is entering into another partnership. Experian Automotive has agreed to provide consumers with AutoCheck® vehicle history report summaries under the InspectMyRide name.

What’s this mean for automobile consumers?

In a nutshell, it means that consumers who make automobile purchases can enjoy convenience by scheduling important reporting and inspection services online through third parties, but even more importantly, it means that customers can get a full view of a vehicle’s value and condition through

Using its own name, could have an uphill climb with consumers due to its unrecognizable brand name. But because it has partnered with long-standing recognizable brand names like Experian and eBay, there is some built in trust and credibility.

Consumers purchasing pre-owned vehicles can schedule inspections in advance of buying a vehicle and receive a full report online, with photos, detailing the condition of a vehicle she is considering purchasing.

In recent years, auto buyers have been making more and more online purchases. provides a valuable service to dealers who want to be known as respectable pre-owned car sellers and consumers who want to ensure they are not purchasing a lemon. It’s convenient and provides peace of mind to auto consumers.

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  1. although vehicle history reports have a good purpose. An independent inspection company should not be relying on a source like AutoCheck or CarFax for information on a vehicle. A real inspection company that provides a deep and full inspection of a used car can find items such as previous repair, odometer fraud, flood, fire and total loss damage. To me it seems like another way for these national vehicle inspection companies to squeeze out another $20 from a used car buyer and not provide real inspection results other than tire depth and scratches…. that takes care of their customers with knowledge & hands on information.

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