Enter Kia’s “New Way To Roll” YouTube Contest

If you have a hankering to be a celebrity and have your own way to roll then Kia Motors America is looking for you. They want you to submit your own YouTube video to the “New Way To Roll” YouTube contest and will pay you $10,000 if you win.

A few things strike me as interesting about this contest:

  • The automotive industry isn’t exactly known for getting on new bandwagons so it’s interesting that Kia is looking to make a name for itself on YouTube.
  • The slogan “A New Way To Roll” does not necessarily have to do with automobiles. According to contest rules, your video can be about anything.
  • To enter, you have to be an American resident. Not necessarily a citizen. So if you are 18 years of age and live in America then you can enter the contest.
  • Did you ever think that an auto manufacturer would claim to have a soul?

Watch this video for contest details.

If you need anything more than that then you can get more information on Kia’s “New Way To Roll” YouTube video contest from this article.

If you think Kia is on the right track and you have a little soul then enter the contest, be crazy, do something different, and prove your new way to roll is better than the other guy’s, or gal’s.


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