Auto Review: 2011 S&S 47″ Commercial Glass Limousine

S&S Limousines has been a leader in commercial coach innovation throughout its history. They’ve been the first to market in many new luxury state-of-the-art design and technical innovations, including:

  • The first to offer a 47″ wheelbase extension
  • The first to offer a Commercial Glass vehicle that is stately in image and true state of the art
  • The first to give funeral homes the ability to customize their limousines

2011 Cadillac S&S 47 Commercial Glass Limousine

The 2011 S&S 47″ Commercial Glass Limousine is another innovation that combines the 47″ wheelbase extension and the Commercial Glass feature that you’ve come to love. We’re confident that you will appreciate the grandeur and the beauty of this vehicle.

Standard limousine features of the 2011 S&S 47″ Commercial Glass include:

  • Heavy duty chassis
  • Die-stamped galvanized steel doors
  • Full vinyl top
  • Cadillac leather seats with matching vinyl center seat
  • Full-size spare tire
  • Low-profile door
  • Rear passenger air vents
  • Rear seat tissue dispenser
  • Power center door windows
  • Heater under seat
  • Lower chrome rockers

Options include (though this is a limited list as there are tons more great options you can add to your limousine to add to its class, style and grace):

  • Directional lighting
  • Vanity mirrors
  • Flag staff holders
  • Stainless steel applique area
  • Black door edge guards
  • Cornering strobe lights (clear, amber or purple)
  • Dual front strobes
  • Wig-wag flashing headlights
  • Sonic Sentinel back-up sensor
  • Engine block heater
  • Lower chrome molding
  • Chrome mini hood cap grille enhancement
  • Custom paint
  • Comfort Plus rear seating

The 2011 S&S 47″ Commercial Glass Limousine is 248″ long, 67″ high, 74.4″ wide, has a 162.3″ wheelbase with a 47″ extension, 47″ of front headroom, 41″ center and rear headroom, 42.5″ front legroom, 35″ center legroom and 35.5″ rear legroom.

When you’re ready to upstage your own funeral vehicles, try the 2011 S&S 47″ Commercial Glass Limousine.


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