Auto Review: 2011 S&S Lincoln Victoria

The 2011 S&S Lincoln Victoria is still one of the most luxurious vehicles on the road. After all, it is a Cadillac and anything with the Cadillac name is going to be comfortable, luxurious, and presidential.

2011 S&S Lincoln Victoria

The design of the Lincoln Victoria, of course, is commercial glass. It has a chamfered roofline, Tuxedo padded vinyl top, and a landau bow design that makes the coach look dignified and as elegant as any funeral coach on the road. The name S&S (Sayers & Scovill) is synonymous with quality. They’ve been building funeral coaches since 1876 so it’s safe to say they know what they’re doing.

Standard features of the 2011 S&S Lincoln Victoria are:

  • 45-inch rear compartment floor width
  • Full-vehicle protective undercoating
  • Cadillac leather seats
  • Cloth headliner
  • Vinyl or cloth interior sidewall
  • Laminate rear compartment flooring
  • 3-piece rear partition glass
  • Closed church truck
  • Back-door wreath
  • 10 rear rollers
  • Widest-opening load door available
  • And there are a ton more besides

For a look at available options, see below:

  • Oval rear windows
  • Two-piece deluxe drapery
  • Flag staff holder
  • Open church truck well
  • One-piece partition glass
  • Beacon ray roof
  • Hidden gem in-floor urn carrier
  • Personalized load door embroidery
  • Gold tone package
  • Custom-dyed roof vinyl
  • Engine block heater
  • And, again, a whole lot more

The 2011 S&S Lincoln Victoria is a Cadillac masterpiece, full of elegance, charm, and comfort on a presidential scale.


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