Auto Review: 2011 S&S Majestic

There is no name in funeral coaches as respected as S&S. Named for founders Sayers & Scovill, the S&S brand of funeral coach is synonymous with class, luxury and comfort. The 2011 S&S Majestic is no different.

The 2011 S&S Majestic is a Lincoln name and it shows. Like all Lincoln coaches, it takes comfort and class to the highest degree possible. It rides like a Town Car with all the dignity Lincoln has mastered over the years.

2011 S&S Lincoln Majestic

Standard features of the 2011 S&S Majestic include:

  • Heavy-duty Lincoln chassis
  • Full vinyl top
  • S&S coach lights
  • Lincoln leather seats
  • Cloth headliner
  • Interior sidewall, vinyl or cloth
  • Laminate rear compartment flooring
  • Wheel house
  • 3-piece rear partition glass
  • Name plate brackets on side doors
  • Closed church truck
  • ABS bumper protector
  • 10 rear rollers
  • Widest-opening load door available
  • Loading lights on rear bumper

If those features aren’t classy enough for you, the 2011 S&S Majestic also offers a good selection of options. These include:

  • Oval rear windows
  • Flag staff holder
  • Manual and electric extend table
  • Stainless steel applique area
  • Open church truck well
  • Rear floor storage compartment
  • Name plate brackets on rear load door
  • Strobe turn signals and headlights
  • Beacon ray roof
  • Sliding drapes
  • Rear compartment carpeting
  • And a whole lot more

In fact, there are more optional features for the S&S Majestic than there are standard features. Start picking your options now.

The 2011 S&S Majestic is stately, charming and presidential with the following dimensions:

  • 253.4″ length
  • 72.0″ height
  • 78.2″ width
  • 153.7″ wheelbase
  • 116.0″ casket floor space
  • 38.0″ loading door height
  • 46.0″ loading door width
  • 121.0″ loading door angle

I highly recommend the 2011 S&S Majestic funeral coach. Place your order now.


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