Kelley Blue Book Warns of Fraudulent ‘Masquerade’ Scam

Kelley Blue Book has for years offered car owners and car buyers a way to judge the value of their vehicles in the resale market. It’s been a valuable service to everyone. But the Internet changes a lot of things.

Car buyers and sellers should be aware of a scam that uses the Kelley Blue Book name on a fraudulent website.

The practice is nothing new. Other popular websites have been the victim of scams before. The list is longer than you may think: eBay, PayPal,, a variety of dating websites, credit card sites, and many more. But this is the first – that we are aware of – of a prominent automotive site that has fallen victim to this type of fraud.

While Kelley Blue Book might be a victim in name, however, it is the people who are losing money who are the true victims. The article mentions that a consumer loses $1,000 per hour due to fraudulent vehicle listings.

Such scams can take a variety of forms. Consumers should beware of these fraudulent schemes and ensure that you are on the Kelley Blue Book website rather than a fake that may look exactly like it. And if you suspect that you may be the victim of a scam or you have landed on a fake website of any kind, contact the FBI and report it.

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