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Funeral Cars Part of PA Monster Truck Show

Have you ever seen funeral cars mounted atop 44-inch tires with 18-inch suspension? If not, you missed an awesome sight last weekend in Carlisle Pennsylvania. This unique auto show brought in more than 2,000 vehicles and 35,000 spectators to the area’s fairgrounds for the All-Truck Nationals. Some of the cars in attendance were “pimped out” and “monsterfied” funeral cars.

One of those funeral cars was Chris Null’s 1972 Cadillac Victoria hearse. But this wasn’t like the other Cadillac hearses you see on the road. It has 44-inch tires and has the nickname “Final Ride.” But it also has more finishing touches like a graveyard paint job and a casket riding in the back.

A Gettysburg resident, Null purchased the hearse for $300 more than five years ago just before it appeared in a demolition derby. As soon as he bought it, he began modifying it with help from his friends. He was inspired by a hearse monster truck from the 1980s. It currently had 450 horsepower, but Null is still working on it to make it even better than it is.

Other vehicles at the event included monster truck rides for truck lovers and the entire family and monster truck crushes. The Grave Digger simulator was also there.

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