Checking the Hoses on Your Porsche

Keeping an eye on things in your Porsche is a great way to save money on otherwise costly repairs. The hoses on your Porsche are an integral part of your vehicle and bad hoses can cause damage if not identified in time. Here are some instructions so you can check the hoses on your Porsche and catch any weaknesses, leaks or damages before it’s too late.

Porsche Hoses

Look for the radiator. This is going to be towards the front end of your Porsche. Once you locate that, you should see two hoses connected to it – one on the top and one on the bottom.

Squeeze the hoses with the engine cold. Notice the texture of the hoses. You are checking to see if they feel soft and smooth or brittle. Brittle hoses mean they need to be replaced. This is true of any hoses on your Porsche. Also, check for cracks, splits, tears or frayed ends. If you see any of these, replace the hose(s) immediately.

Check the clamps on the ends of the hoses. They should be dry and in good condition. If they are wet or rusty, replace them. Also, make sure they are tight to prevent leaks. They should not be movable if they are tight enough.

For best results, replace the radiator hoses when you replace the radiator or water pump.  If you’re not the do-it-yourself kind of person and you live in the Philadelphia metropolitan area, check the web for service specials and stop by our Warrington, PA Audi, Porsche, and VW dealership for maintenance today.

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