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BlogPro is now AutoConverse

BlogPro Automotive is now AutoConverse, which was started in 2006 by AutoConverse Editor Ryan Gerardi, has been sunset and moved to This post and video explains why.

BMW iNext, SpaceX, NASA, Human Spaceflight, FedEx Sameday Bot

This Week in Mobility Tech: NASA, SpaceX Test Flight, FedEx SameDay Robot, and BMW iNext Natural Interaction

If the first few months are anything to go by, 2019 might easily become the Year of the Future.  NASA is teaming up with private company SpaceX to make commuting easier for astronauts. Automated bots are slated to start delivering everything from groceries to drywall. And BMW is unveiling an automobile you can flip off.

3 Top Tips for Profitability with Used Cars in 2019

Profitability in Used Cars – A Look at the Used Car Business in 2019

Margin Compression? What, if anything, is squeezing profitability in used cars from dealers? Here are 3 Ways to Increase Profitability in Used Cars for 2019. From OEM mandates, incentives, and razor-thing margins, to used vehicle acquisition, time-to-line, etc., this post sets the stage for what challenge lay ahead for auto retailers in 2019.

AdColony Global Car Buying Study and Infographic

Global Auto Consumer Behavior Study & Infographic

From online reviews, proximity, and brand image, what makes consumers more likely to consider one brand or model over another? Find out in this global auto consumer behavior study and infographic from mobile video advertising platform AdColony.