5 Tips for Better Gas Mileage

Everybody wants to get better gas mileage for their Lexus these days. The price of gas isn’t going down any time soon and every mile counts. You probably know a couple ways to help maximize your gas mileage, but chances are there are other ways that you haven’t utilized. Following is five tips to help you get more miles for your dollar and save money on gasoline each week.

Get the Lead Out

Keep your speed at a reasonable level at all times when you’re driving. Going too fast causes your Lexus to be less efficient. Lurching forward from a stop also uses up more gas than necessary. For the best mileage results, reach your desired speed and stay constant. If your Lexus is equipped with cruise control, use that as often as possible.

Use Nothing but the Best

Many people say using a lower octane fuel works just as good as the premium fuel. Others disagree. One thing is for sure, though – premium fuel cleans your engine as it flows through. By removing the dirt and grime that accumulates in your car’s fuel system, everything under the hood can run smoothly and more efficiently. Even if it impacts your gas mileage indirectly, premium fuel is still a factor for getting more miles to the gallon.

The Only Good Inflation is Tire Inflation

Check the pressure in all four of your Lexus tires periodically. During the winter, check the pressure about once a week. The cold weather can cause them to deflate a few pounds over time. During the spring and summer, check the pressure about twice a month. Make sure each tire is inflated to the manufacturer’s suggested pounds per square inch. Tires without enough pressure cause the engine to work harder and use unnecessary gas.

Idle Engines are the Oil Company’s Playground

Letting your engine idle for more than 90 seconds reduces your fuel-efficiency more than starting your car. Even letting it idle for 15 seconds uses more fuel than restarting it. At times, idling even uses more gas than normal driving. Unfortunately, you’re not always in a position in which you can keep shutting your vehicle off and starting it up again. If you’re waiting in a drive-thru, it’s probably best to leave your engine running. But if you’re stuck in traffic or at a railroad crossing, turn your engine off.

Give Your Car Regular Checkups

Keep your car maintained regularly. This means getting oil changes and Lexus tune-ups at their scheduled intervals. Other things you can do to increase your gas mileage is regularly rotate your tires and change your air filter frequently. The smoother your engine runs, the more efficient it will be. And better efficiency means less money out of your pocket when you visit the gas pumps.

Whether you can afford a luxury vehicle like a Lexus or if you have an everyday car that barely gets you around, it’s never a bad idea to save gas. With the recent environmental and political uncertainties, reducing our dependence on this natural resource helps everybody. Try some of these tips today and see how much money you can save over the course of a few weeks.

Brought to you by your King of Prussia Lexus dealer.