A Brief Guide to Auto Warranties

When purchasing a new or used car, one of the main decisions you have to make concerns the warranty or warranties you want to purchase. At first, they might all sound like a good idea – you know, just to make sure you are covered. But some of them may be unnecessary depending on your specific situation. Here is a quick guide to some common auto warranties and what they are designed to cover.

Basic Warranty
These types of warranties generally cover everything on your vehicle that is not subject to wear and tear. Although these are typically standard warranties, be sure to read it before agreeing to it so there are no surprises in the future.

Extended Warranty
Extended warranties are not as common as basic warranties but they can still be helpful. If you plan on keeping your VW cars or any other brand for that matter longer than the basic warranty covers, you may want to consider an extended warranty. Just be sure to read the coverage and compare the cost before deciding if it’s worth it or not.

Luxury Auto Warranty
This type of warranty covers luxury items within the vehicle, such as a GPS, phone, DVD player and more. These are fine to have, but most items can be replaced for less than the cost of the warranty price over time.

Warranties are sometimes a good idea to consider when purchasing your new Porsche. But before agreeing to any warranty, consider the options and calculate the amount of money you could simply save in a bank account rather than paying towards a warranty. That way, if nothing bad ever happens, you can keep that money and it has even gained interest!