Add On Services for When You Change Your Ford’s Oil

When you take your Ford car or truck to an Omaha area Ford dealer or other mechanic to get the oil changed, it’s likely that the service center or mechanic may recommend other services at that time. Two of the most common add-ons are a coolant flush and shock and strut repair. Knowing a little bit about these two can save you money, time and trouble.

Oil change

One of the most common up-sell items when you get an oil change is a coolant flush. A coolant flush gets rid of your old coolant that has broken down and replaces it with new coolant. This is becoming less and less common, as extended life coolants are more common and only need to be changed every 100,000 miles. These extended life coolants are red in color, whereas the traditional coolant is green in color. Make sure you know what kind of coolant you have in your Ford car or truck by looking at your owner’s manual before you have your coolant flushed.

Shocks and struts are another common repair. When your shocks go bad, your Ford is going to ride rough. On top of that, though, your tires will wear unevenly. It’s important, then, to make sure that you replace your shocks when they need it. You can test your shocks and struts by pushing down on the front of the vehicle and then releasing it. It should come back up to its original height easily, and not bounce.

Make sure you only trust a qualified mechanic to service your Ford.