Auto Review: 2010 Ford Transit Connect

The 2010 Ford Transit Connect puts the utility in sports utility. But it’s not really right to call it an SUV. It’s more of a CUV – a commercial utility vehicle. Nothing really sport about the way it looks. But don’t call that a negative. It’s practical and honest.

2010 Ford Transit Connect

This is the perfect vehicle for transporting cargo and passengers from Point A to Point B, as in an airport shuttle or local private bus service.

One of the key selling points for the Ford Transit Connect is its massive cargo space: 135 cubic feet. That’s enough to carry luggage for several passengers. And there’s no precocious sophistication either. The engine block is a simple Duratec 2.0-liter 4-cylinder 4-speed automatic with 138 horsepower. And with a fuel efficiency of 20 mpg in the city and 24 mpg on the highway, it’s perfect for cruising.

On the way are two all-electric versions of the Transit Connect.

Ford planned this one well. They manufactured an awesome commercial vehicle with a simple commercial look. And it’s built with the standard Ford toughness.

The entertainment system consists of AM/FM radio, but it is upgradeable to a CD player.

You have a 1,600 pound payload capacity and the 2010 Ford Transit Connect can be outfitted with a split forward-folding bench seat in the back and with extra alterations could make an excellent family vehicle. But the real value in its utilitarian interior.

An in-dash computer makes DeWalt’s Tool Link available easily. RFID tags cling to tools to allow the cargo van to scan them and other inventory items before you leave for the jobsite or start your delivery route. You are able to easily manage your tools and on-board inventory by keeping an electronic record of what should be on board. You not only have vehicle security, but commercial tool security as well.

This is beyond nice. It’s practical. Commercial. And useful. And the starting MSRP is $21,475. Once again, the name is 2010 Ford Transit Connect.

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