Carfax Introduces VIN iPhone App

Carfax VIN iphone appFollowing in the wake of the iphone app, Carfax decides to introduce its own iPhone app so that car shoppers can scan and research VINs on the spot.

How many times have you been shopping for a used vehicle and wanted to research its title history right then? You likely had to jot down the VIN and license plate number, go away, do your research, then call the car seller back to make your purchase. Now you can do all the research right there on the spot and make the purchase the same day. No more losing good deals.

The Carfax app for iPhones uses the camera on the phone to scan the VIN, or you can type the VIN or license plate number along with the licensing state and generate your report instantly.

The information you can find out about a vehicle you want to purchase includes:

  • Number of previous owners
  • Where the car is titled
  • Service records submitted by auto dealers

The iPhone app will allow car shoppers more freedom in making car purchases by giving them greater in-hand flexibility and robust information on the spot. If you’re the first to get the necessary information for a buying decision and come up with the money, then you are likely to walk away with your used car. iPhone users now have a new car buying advantage.

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