Checking the Coolant Level in your Lexus

Your Lexus dealer in Chester Springs knows that, while it will seem rather basic to some people, checking your engine coolant level isn’t always obvious. Gone are the days when teenagers by the thousands worked on their own hot rod cars in their garages. Today, many people just aren’t that familiar with basic auto maintenance issues.

It’s important to understand what coolant does. It lowers the boiling point of water, which allows it to carry heat away from your car’s engine. When you’re low on coolant, your Lexus engine can overheat very quickly.

Lexus Engine

Checking your coolant level can be easy on most cars. Usually, you’ll find an overflow coolant tank next to your car’s radiator, right up toward the front of the engine. Usually, it’s made of white plastic that lets you see how much coolant is inside. There should be markings on the side that will tell you if there’s enough coolant inside. Make sure to check your coolant level when your Lexus engine is cold.

If your coolant level is low, you can simply add coolant to the overflow tank. Make sure that you check it again in a day or two, because you want to be able to tell if you’ve got a coolant leak.

If there are other problems or you require Lexus repair, bring it to Lexus of Chester Springs and we’ll be happy to take a look at it.