Chevrolet Reveals Multi-Screen Marketing Campaign for the New Volt

Chevrolet, makers of the highly anticipated Volt, revealed their approach to marketing this all-electric vehicle by incorporating multiple multiple media outlets to raise awareness of the fuel efficient electric vehicle.  Demonstrating the Volt’s presence in video games on Microsoft’s Xbox, two Chevrolet marketing executives used Kinect Gesture Interface a gaming device that utilizes movements and touch, to navigate their virtual Volt’s through a video game race track. It’s called Kinect Joy Ride.

The new multi-screen marketing campaign utilizes digital devices for the promotion of the new vehicle, and, as Darren Huston, Microsoft’s corporate VP of global consumer and online marketing, notes, “the average American home now has 30 digital devices.”  Huston adds, “The transformation we are seeing is a landscape that won’t be made of banner ads and links. It’s a landscape of bits and bytes.”

The advertising campaign for the Chevy Volt takes a multi-screen approach, meaning it targets televisions, video games, computers, mobile devices, and any other type of screen to market their new vehicle.   In the age of digital devices, 69% of consumers look favorably upon multi-screen advertising.  The multi-screen approach also provides increased benefits to marketing, and, as Huston says, “Another interesting fact is that TV combined with online improves recall by more than half. Media consumption continues to increase — up 197 hours per month, partly because people are time-shifting and place-shifting,” adding, “Young people rarely watch TV without another screen around them.”

This new approach to advertising perhaps signifies Chevrolet’s new strategy of embracing the new, including alternative energy sources for vehicles such as the Volt, and their increased interest in reaching out to American consumers.

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