Chrysler Gets Smart, Provides Vehicle Information Apps

If you are tired of driving around with that bulky user’s manual in your Chrysler glove compartment then try downloading your vehicle’s information to your SmartPhone. Chrysler is providing that information to users along with other vehicle information.

Included in the app is the following information:

  • Product information
  • Vehicle operating instructions
  • Vehicle maintenance schedules
  • Service contract details
  • Warning lights and controls information
  • Warranty details
  • 24-hour roadside assistance

The cool thing about this app is it has the potential to contain a lot more information than what can be contained in a print manual. It isn’t as bulky and it could be more accessible since you likely carry your SmartPhone everywhere you go, so you can access your vehicle’s information when away from your vehicle.

It may now be time to ditch your owner’s manual and download Chrysler’s app for free. What do you think? Are you sold?

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