Ford Drivers, Stay In Your Lane

Ford driver alert system and stay-in-your-lane technologyDrowsy Ford drivers now have a means of controlling their vehicle through technology. This could very well be the innovation of the year.

It’s actually two pieces of technology, but we’ll call it two aspects of the same innovation. Ford wants to keep you awake and one way they’ve come up with to help you do that while driving your car is with the implementation of stay-in-your-lane technology. This coupled with a driver alert system that tells you when it’s time to sip a cup of coffee. No joke.

The new technology will be introduced to certain Ford models in 2012, namely, the Ford Explorer. Utilizing a camera system mounted behind your rearview mirror, this technology analyzes road markings to help you steer in your own lane in case you doze off while driving.

The second innovation – the Java suggestion – watches for certain signals such as swerving and provides a visual signal on the dashboard accompanied by a chime suggesting it’s time to stop for coffee.

OK, don’t chime in yet.

Just kidding. This is serious business. There are studies that actually indicate that drivers falling asleep on the road are the cause of numerous fatalities. Ford wants to prevent you from being one of those with its new driver alert system. I think this idea is pretty doggone caffeinated. Don’t you?