Review of 2017-2018 Automotive Shopper Insights with Jumpstart Media [VIDEO]

Auto Shopper Insights for 2017-2018

Automotive Shopper Insights for 2017-2018

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To help marketers better understand the fast-moving nature of the automotive industry, Jumpstart Automotive Media releases its 8th Annual Insights BookIt’s yearlong compilation of online automotive shopping trends and industry insights.

This collection of annual analysis on automotive consumer shopping patterns spans Jumpstart’s portfolio of automotive websites representing 20 million in-market shoppers. Therefore, it reflects the audience on Jumpstart’s network.

Key findings this year include…

  • Jumpstart’s audience has become more affluent; While a majority have a household income of $75k+ (57%), its audience with a household income of $100k+ surpassed 40% in 2017, a 10% increase from the prior year.
  • While smartphone usage continues to grow, the growth rate is starting to slow down. Car shoppers visiting Jumpstart sites from mobile devices increased in 2017 (smartphone +6%, tablets +18%), while desktop visits fell -12% compared to last year.
  • Used car interest continues to grow, and is an attractive alternative to new and luxury shoppers:
  • New shoppers also considering used vehicles represented 19% in 2017, up from 16% prior year (+19% change).
  • New luxury shoppers also considering used saw an increase of 36% year-over-year.

In June 2018, I had a chance to get together with Jumpstart’s VP of Marketing and Strategic Insights Libby Murad-Patel. She appeared as a Guest on our live weekly broadcast – AutoConverse ON AIR. We discussed some of the surprising statistics and trends in this year’s Insights book.

New additions this year include…

  • The consumer path to purchase with a spotlight on cross-shopping trends
  • In-depth shopper surveys to identify what’s driving purchase decisions
  • Excerpts from Jumpstart’s 2017 luxury study
  • Why SUVs and CUVs continue to dominate the market
  • 2018 Industry trends and predictions

Enjoy the video and the podcast. If you’d like to chime in about any of the information, you may do so here on the post, or in the AutoConversion Discussion Group on LinkedIn.

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