Scion’s New Owner-friendly App and Website

Scion recently released new apps for Scion owners that help owners keep up with their vehicles and the latest automotive news.  Designed by Cie Studios, the iPhone app and website are designed to provide an online community for Scion owners where they can discuss their vehicles and learn about maintaining them, as well as build relationships with other owners.

Scion’s owner website,, is an interactive site that offers member login, forums, upcoming events, an insider news section, and more.

According to Amanda Lomont, the interactive manager at Scion, “In redesigning, we wanted to provide a faster, easier way for our owners to navigate the site and be able to interact with other Scion enthusiasts in their local communities and around the country.”

“We wanted users to feel good about having chosen to become a Scion owner, and to feel that their wise decision is reinforced at every turn by the manufacturer and dealer,” says Jennifer Walter of Cie Studios. “We believe we’ve accomplished that goal while also providing a fun place for owners to share the passion they have for these unique vehicles.”

This new app demonstrates the role interactive media is playing in the automotive industry.  Not only are car dealers becoming interested in social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter, they are also seeking active dialogue with and between owners.  Car owners seem to be embracing these changes to the automotive industry, which are creating more involved and educated car buyers and owners.

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