The New Car Technology That Can’t Come Soon Enough

BMW i8: One of the most technologically advanced cars on the planet

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There are two things that get us excited like nothing else: cars and technology. So, when the two come together, it’s a match made in heaven. It’s an exciting time to be a car and tech obsessive. We’re at a major turning point in both worlds. In the auto world, car manufacturers are exploring new ways to power their vehicles with hybrid engines. In the tech world, mobile technology and the internet are still finding their feet with new applications. When the two come together, it’s fascinating. Here are some of the best technologies around the corner in the car world.


Self-driving cars – You’ve probably all heard rumours about self-driving cars. Even Google and Apple are getting in on the action with self-driving cars and integrated media interfaces. When tech companies start building vehicles, you know we’re on the brink of something special! Unfortunately, the law still prohibits commercial self-driving cars. But, we’ve heard that some of the biggest companies have tested this technology on roads across America. It is coming. And soon.


360 cameras – Most modern cars now come with reversing cameras to help avoid accidents. You’ll even find this technology on most Autoworld used cars. If that was the first step, we’re now coming to something even more exciting. Using hundreds of tiny cameras, cars will get a full sense of what’s around them. It will help drivers keep an eye on the pesky blind spot and avoid collisions.


Laser headlights – We’re not quite sure why a car would need laser headlights. However, we’ve yet to come across anything that wasn’t improved by adding lasers. So, we’re all for this new idea. It only seems like yesterday that LED lighting was the ‘next-big-thing’, but clearly that’s already passe! Laser lights are brighter and more targeted, providing a better night driving experience.


Biometric vehicle access – We’re still amazed that we can unlock an iPhone with a fingerprint. This was sci-fi technology of the future only 10 years ago. But, it seems this biometric technology will work its way into every aspect of our lives, including our cars. Soon, all vehicles will come with biometric access, including fingerprint detection and retina scans.


Night-vision and pedestrian detection – A reversing camera is one thing. Night-vision and pedestrian detection is quite another. This technology is already in place in some commercial vehicles. The latest Mercedes C-Class has a sophisticated pedestrian detection system. Not only does it detect people, it actively takes charge to avoid them with assisted braking and steering.


Head up displays – Augmented reality is a term that’s thrown around on a lot of tech blogs. The most well-known application is Google glass. You get digital data popping up that corresponds to the world around you. Well, if plans come to fruition, our car windscreens will soon become a digital dashboard. They’ll show navigational directions and give additional data.

We don’t know about you, but we’re getting excited just thinking about it! The best part is that each of these technologies is in production or just around the corner. The future is now.


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