How Owning a Car Has Enriched My Life, and It Can Enrich Yours

Driver in Vehicle

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Many people spend years looking forward to buying their first car, and becoming qualified drivers. So, what exactly is the appeal of driving, aside from having a car? Well, there are plenty of advantages to being able to drive. Since I passed my test, I have found that being able to drive has enriched my life so much. And I have no doubt the same will be true for you once you can drive.

So here are some ways driving has improved and enriched my life:


Getting behind the wheel of my Nissan Sentra has given me a newfound confidence. Knowing that I have achieved a lifelong dream fills me with confidence and fearlessness. I have accomplished something that a lot of people never get to. I’m now a qualified driver, and the world is my oyster. And the confidence I have from being able to drive has seeped into other areas of my life. And this has become very noticeable. I come across a driven and assured professional. People form a great first impression of me, and it’s due in no small part to being able to drive.

Social Interaction

Perhaps the biggest change in my life since owning a car has been the increase in my social life. Now that I can drive I can be much more sociable with my friends. I don’t have to rely on anybody picking me up, and I don’t have to spend money on taxis or trains. I could even drive to visit friends in a different state and have a great weekend with them. Having a car is the solution to all your social problems. So be sure to make the most of this once you can drive yourself.


Having a car has taught me a lot of things. It shows that I can be responsible, and it has taught discipline. I have to be disciplined with my money because I have extra expenditure. I need to be disciplined when I go out and refrain from drinking. Discipline is a very important skill to have in your life. And being a driver has helped me to develop and perfect my own discipline. And now this helps in my working and personal life as well. When you can drive, you will no doubt learn the value of discipline and responsibility.


I’ll tell you what: I’ve enjoyed so many more opportunities since owning a car. It’s allowed me to do things and go to places I would never be able to otherwise. For instance, I now have the capability to apply for jobs almost anywhere. Travel no longer becomes a problem, and I’m not beholden to public transport. I can commute for work, and I can apply for jobs that require the ability to drive. There are so many great opportunities that I’m able to enjoy since being able to drive. And you will reap the benefits of this as well.

My life has changed inexorably since I have owned a car. I have more freedom, higher self-confidence, and I see my friends more. And these are all things you can look forward to when you’re finally able to drive.


Shouts out to Sam Gatt for contributing this great article. Sam is a big petrol head and loves everything about cars!

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