Keeping your Car on the Road: What to Keep in the Trunk

Car Emergency KitIn a perfect world, nothing would ever go wrong while you’re out driving your new Ford. Unfortunately, this isn’t a perfect world and there’s only so much control you have over your environment. Bad weather, other drivers and garden variety accidents all have an impact on your life on the road, and you need to be prepared. Here are some things to keep in the truck to make sure you’re always safe when there are problems with your Ford.


Whether you decide to spend an impromptu evening under the stars or you get stuck in bad weather, blankets are on the list of the most important things to carry in your new Ford vehicle at all times. Keep enough blankets so everyone with you can stay warm — if you normally carry your spouse and both kids, you’ll need four.

First Aid Kit

It costs practically nothing to keep a first aid kit in your car or truck, and it could save a life. If you — or anyone else around you, for that matter — if you get into an accident, you’ll want to make sure you have what you need on hand until emergency crews alive. Generally speaking you can get everything you’ll ever need for under $20, and hopefully you’ll never need it.


Having a flashlight in your car car or truck  is really a no brainer. They cost so little and can come in handy in so many situations. Whether you need to read a map in low light, you want to navigate poorly lit roads or you have to take a peek under the trunk, flashlights are vital. If your flashlight is battery powered, keep the batteries separate to prevent leakage.

It doesn’t take a lot to keep you safe on the road, so make sure to keep these items on hand. Many hardware and superstores have kits you can buy for your car to have everything in one tightly sealed place.

If you require maintenance and service on your Ford vehicle, please stop by your Omaha Ford dealer today.