SpotLight: Real-time flight tracking and management on OSX

Flight tracking

Apple’s new OS upgrade, High Sierra, now offers a special tool to help travelers and their family and friends. The new option, called SpotLight, delivers exactly what it claims. It provides real-time updates on the status of inbound and outbound flights on the fly.

A flight tracking app

This new app and functionality aims to make traveling easier for people in terms of timing their departure and arranging for transport to and from the airport.

It can also alert travelers to potential delays, cancellations, and problems that might come up in the run-up to their flight. The app will also deliver information on the duration of the flight and a notification when baggage is in the claim area.

Notepad integration

The feature also works across data aware apps. This means users can type the flight number and details into notepad and it will trigger SpotLight to provide the relevant information.

The new Apple OS, High Sierra, boasts a number of upgrades but this new SpotLight function has certainly become the most talked about.

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