The New Age Of Tech Celebrities And Auto Endorsements

Remember when celebrity athletes commanded millions of dollars for endorsing products on TV? Oh, wait, that still happens.

Well, remember when technology company executives endorsed their favorite automobiles? You don’t? Then you haven’t seen the new video of Google executive Vic Gundotra promoting the safety of a Mercedes-Benz.


I don’t much care for Mark Zuckerberg eating boiled lobster while wearing a hoodie, but how about Bill Gates appearing in videos all over the web talking about the benefits of driving a Porsche? Or what if Pete Cashmore and Rand Fishkin appeared together in videos discussing the benefits of walking?

Seriously, have we entered the age of Internet celebrities or tech company celebrities endorsing their favorite automobiles? Famous entrepreneur Guy Kawasaki of Apple fame reviews automobiles on his Change the World blog. It seems all one need do to recommend a product these days is be somebody. Anybody. Even a tech superstar.

I’m not knocking it. I mean, we all ask our friends for recommendations all the time. If your buddy from high school goes out and buys a new automobile and he likes it, you’re more likely to buy the same automobile, right? Or at least you’ll take it for a test drive and maybe one up him with a more premium model by the same auto maker.

In today’s social media environment, everyone is your friend. They may not be your buddy from high school, but they are your friend on Friendster, your follower on Twitter, your connection on LinkedIn, or a fan of your Facebook page. And you trust them.

In 2011, the world is smaller. That’s why technology company executives are the new celebrities. And that’s why they endorse their favorite auto brands.

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