Top 10 Best Deals Nationally, an online automotive pricing site, has launched a new tool which will allow car shoppers to search for the best local deals on a vehicle. The Best Local Price Tool is geared to help shoppers search for the most financially beneficial vehicle in their area — all the way down to make and model. The firm said that the search tool will provide a “Lowest Certified Price” for a car, a no-haggle price which will be honored by participating dealers in its program.

TrueCar uses actual car sales data from local dealers to present car shoppers with information on the actual prices paid for new cars in their neighborhood. The company said the new Best Local Deals feature was specifically launched ahead of Labor Day, which is traditionally one of the largest volume car sales weekends during the year.

Another feature this tool has is the ability to allow users to select vehicles and sort them by best price, highest potential discount off of MSRP or largest percentage discount. The result is what calls a “no-haggle upfront price.” Site officials believe dealers that honor their Lowest Certified Price permit the sale at that amount.

The site used this new tool that was released in advance of Labor Day weekend to create a list of the top 10 deals nationally. The selections were evenly balanced between domestic and foreign nameplates.

Among these 2010 domestic models, two were from Chevrolet and two more were from Ford. The other was a Mercury unit.

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