What Does Your Car Say About You?

SponsoredThere is seemingly no getting away from stereotyping in our culture. No matter what it is, we feel compelled to put a label on it. This, of course, can have a massive negative impact. A whole bunch of connotations can be associated with a person for no good reason, leaving them with lasting damage to their reputation. However, stereotypes aren’t always harmful. In fact, they can usually be a pretty good indicator for teams of salespeople looking to target the right audience.

Take your car, for instance. There have been conclusive studies taken for decades to find a correlation between a car and its owner’s personality. You might think that it’s more down to personal preference than anything else, but maybe they’re onto something. Indeed, researchers at the University of California may have found something worth reporting. Although there will be an exception to any rule, there are countless examples of trends between owners of similar cars. These traits are evidence that our buying habits may have more of a reflection of our personality than we might have thought.

It would be easy to write off this claim as a simple coincidence, but that would be unwise. Instead, we’re going to take a look at some of the different cars and what the studies show they are linked with. Perhaps we could uncover the great secret behind our preferences, after all. Or, at the very least, it’s a fun experiment, right? The idea behind the study is to explore the concept of marketing techniques. As you’ve probably figured out by this stage, different car brands tend to focus on one key area. For example, the Porsche is renowned for its speed, and as such, would cater more to the adrenaline junkie. It makes sense, right? Let’s dig deeper into this rabbit hole.

Luxury Car

You won’t find any surprises here. Those that drive luxury cars (you know the type) are the most likely to be concerned with their social status. An interesting trend to note is that they tend to drive much longer distances than other drivers. Which could be attributed to their job roles requiring lots of long distance travel for business trips? High incomes and an even higher education are the common denominators here, though there are exceptions. Anyone can go ahead and buy affordable used BMWs at Travers Autos, or somewhere similar, so the accuracy of the data could be questioned. Although another interesting characteristic to note is that luxury car drivers tend to be far more independent. We’ll leave it up to you to determine whether or not that’s a good thing.

Mid-Size Car

This one might be a little tough to take if you’re an owner of a sedan. Indeed, there weren’t many character traits that could be associated with the drivers of a mid-sized car. Although one trend that should be noted is that sedan drivers tended to be females with an above-average income than the regular folk. So, maybe they get the last laugh after all, huh? However, the study also suggests that the driver of a mid-sized car may be less likely to embrace change, and are patriotic to a fault. So, there’s that.


No surprises here. The owner of a minivan is likely to be a middle-aged woman, living in the suburbs, with more than one child in the household. That’s just about the only thing worth noting that seemed to be a common characteristic. Though it’s worth noting that they tend to have a much calmer temperament.

Pickup Truck

Oh boy, prepare for stereotyping galore here. And it’s no surprise at all that most pickup truck drivers are likely to live in sparsely populated areas. They are, however, more likely to remain unsatisfied with their lives. Which could go some way to explaining why they’re generally very focused on their working life. Hey, at least, you guys are trying to do something to improve your self-worth!


Small Car

Okay, let’s think about your usual small car. The Honda Civic and the Smart Car come to mind in an instant. Before we even take a look at the results, you could probably guess the personality trait spot on. Yep, those that are likely to drive a small car are also the type to have a vested interest in the environment. More specifically, how we can reduce carbon emissions and the like. Surprisingly, though, smart car drivers are more likely to live in highly populated areas, such as the city. Their greatest concern isn’t on wealth or social status, but rather on convenience.

Sports Car

Again, this one may be pretty predictable if you’ve got any kind of understanding of common drivers you’re likely to see on the roads. Maybe there is something to this stereotyping thing after all? A surprising thing to note is that the drivers of sports cars are likely to be on low incomes. I guess there may be a couple of second-hand cars floating around, then. The study even went as far as to suggest that the driver of a sports car could be inclined to do so in order to boost their self-esteem. Or, at the very least, to emulate the success that they find otherwise lacking in their lives. They may be more prone to fits of road rage, but they do have a greater sense of adventure, so it’s not all bad news for you guys.


And last, but by no means least, we have the not-so-humble SUV. Indeed, as if you needed telling, SUV drivers aren’t likely to have any regard for the environment. They do, however, travel shorter distances on average, so maybe they’re a blessing for the earth’s atmosphere after all. The driver is more likely to have children and live in the suburbs, and tend to be under the age of forty.

There you have it. What do you think? Does the results of the study reflect your personality in anyway, or is it a poor indicator of character? Let us know in the comments. Not only does your car of choice allegedly have an impact on your personality, but so does its color. You can read the full results of the study over at UC Davis.