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Diagnosing Your Commercial Truck’s Misalignment

One of the forgotten areas of your Ford or Chevrolet commercial truck is the suspension and steering system. We often take this for granted without giving it a second thought until there is a problem. But being in tune with your commercial truck  is ideal so you can spot problems before they turn into major […]

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Truck Maintenance Tasks You Can Do In Your Garage

So you’ve headed down to your Ford commercial truck dealer and you’ve picked up a new truck. Maybe you sprung for the upgraded options package, maybe you’ve had a new addition to the family and needed more space quickly, or maybe you’re just frugal. In any case, if you want to save money on the […]

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Three Ways to Extend the Life of Your Ford Engine

Extending the life of your Ford engine is essential for saving money and enjoying your commercial truck for many years. But do you actually utilize methods that will make it last? The first thing you can do to extend the life of the engine in your Ford truck is to change the oil regularly. Be […]

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Diagnosing the “Check Engine” Light on Your Ford

The “Check Engine” light on your Ford can be one of the most annoying lights on the dashboard display, but it can also be one of the most important. The light could mean any number of things and not all of those things are necessarily bad. Here are two things you can do to diagnose […]

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Diagnosing Brake Problems on Your Chevy Commercial Truck

After years of use or thousands of miles of driving, brake problems are going to be inevitable. But do you know how to determine what the problem is without taking your Chevy commercial truck to a mechanic? Here are some simple ways to diagnose your brake problems to give you a better idea about what’s […]