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California To Get Electric Vehicle Power Stations

Tweet Gas isn’t getting cheaper. That’s many auto drivers, government agencies, cities and municipalities, state governments, and even the auto industry itself is looking for alternatives to carbon fuel for powering vehicles. One of those…

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How Will Drivers Adopt Electric Vehicle Technology?

Tweet When it comes to technological developments, whether automotive or otherwise, things don’t always happen fast. Electric vehicles are still relatively new and they haven’t caught on yet. But automakers are looking forward to the…

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Enterprise to Offer Chevy Volt Rentals

Tweet Enterprise announced last week that it will be featuring Chevy Volts in its line of rental vehicles.  Hoping to entice buyers interested in the new Volt and electric vehicle (EV) technology, Enterprise Rent-A-Car will…

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Peuget’s New Electric Concept Car

Tweet Peuget’s new electric concept car, the Aureon, is the latest in a line of futuristic vehicles to reveal themselves to the automotive industry.  The Aureon is a three-wheeled vehicle with a large see-through body…