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Could Hackers Steal Your Car?

Could Hackers Steal Your Car?

Tweet Hackers breaking into your email or stealing your identity have become almost commonplace. These days, when we think of ways to protect ourselves from hackers, we think about online security, better passwords, beefed up…

Verizon 4G LTE in-dash technology could give auto consumers 24/7 mobile connectivity.

Verizon Pushing For 4G LTE Integration

Tweet Imagine driving down the road in your new automobile and being able to log online in your vehicle any time, anywhere – even if the engine is not on. If Verizon has its way,…

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Mercedes-Benz’s New Send2Benz App

Tweet Mercedes-Benz has introduced a new program that allows easier access to locations through the use of the vehicle navigation system.  Known as Send2Benz, the interactive program is easy to use and utilizes a number…

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Scion’s New Owner-friendly App and Website

Tweet Scion recently released new apps for Scion owners that help owners keep up with their vehicles and the latest automotive news.  Designed by Cie Studios, the iPhone app and website are designed to provide…

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Nissan Leaf Compatible with iPhone

Tweet Nissan announced that the new Leaf will feature Eco mode, a feature found on some hybrid vehicles that creates energy when the vehicle is braking.  In tests, the range of Leaf vehicles went from…