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For Safer Driving, Forget What You Know

Tweet Older drivers were taught to drive safely before the use of airbags. But now that airbags are common and are installed in every new vehicle before it is sold, you may be driving wrong….

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Does Gender Affect Vehicle Pricing?

Tweet A recent study by Carwoo has shed some light on the notion that men and women are treated differently on price when buying a car. The study showed that there is only slight difference…

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New Carmax Survey Indicates that Quality is #1

Tweet A new Carmax survey indicates some interesting trends in the automotive industry, and, now more than ever, consumers seem most concerned with quality.  The survey contacted over 1,000 adult Americans and was conducted between…

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The Best Cars For Teens And Seniors

Tweet Teens and seniors are special drivers. Teenagers, lacking experience, can often find themselves in tight spots with no way out. Or they may not have enough experience to make the best judgments. The type…