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GM Leads The Way With Eco-Friendly Warranty

You can tell the strength of a product by the strength of its warranty. Eco-friendly vehicles are a new product, and I’m guessing one that will stick around awhile, which means that strong warranties are…

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Auto Review: 2010 Ford Transit Connect

The 2010 Ford Transit Connect puts the utility in sports utility. But it’s not really right to call it an SUV. It’s more of a CUV – a commercial utility vehicle. Nothing really sport about the way it looks. But don’t call that a negative. It’s practical and honest. This is the perfect vehicle for […]

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The Rose Bowl Goes Green

The Rose Bowl has a rich tradition of sports enthusiasm attached to it and for good reason. It’s a great weekend of fun, competition and partying. The college crowd eats it up. Which is why…

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Auto Review: 2010 Chevrolet Tahoe LS

The 2010 Chevrolet Tahoe LS is America’s first full-size hybrid SUV and, I might add, it’s quite impressive. Automakers boast that its fuel efficiency is better than Toyota Sequoia, Ford Expedition and Nissan Armada. As well, it offers more power than the Ford Expedition. The two-mode electric engine is efficient and clean with a smooth […]

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Is America Ready For Alternative Energy Autos?

American drivers may not be quite ready to commit to alternative energy automobiles such as 100% electric and hybrids. (Source) When it comes to improving fuel economy, consumers are more likely to be interested in…

GM giving NGVs a go in the fleet market

The BP oil spill, rising gasoline prices in recent years and global terrorism are causing American political leaders to seek out alternative sources of energy and to create a more energy independent nation. One of the potential sources of alternative energy for automobiles seems to be natural gas. In fact, GM will roll out two […]

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2011 Chevy Volt To Waltz Across Texas

GM has announced that Texas is one of six states that will initially receive the 2011 Chevrolet Volt from the floor out into the street. Other markets to be the recipients of the rollout include…

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Nissan Begins LEAF Production In U.S.

Many consumers and some politicians have been calling for greener energy and independence for decades. A part of the overall green picture in the U.S. involves vehicle emissions. Some states have placed stringent testing on vehicles in an effort to curb emissions. But little has been done to change the way vehicles are made in […]